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BFP is a Bold, Focused, Pragmatic law firm, where we pride ourselves on our partnerships with our top-tier clients. We provide a tailored service stemming from extensive and in depth knowledge of key industry sectors and legal expertise.

BFP & Co. - an outstanding Israeli boutique law firm focused on the tech and VC sectors.

The partners at the firm have achieved a formidable reputation built on many years of dedicated client service and case management

Meiran Sandelson

Avihai Schieber

Avihay Ben Haim

Noma Floom

Haleli Barath

Our brand new website is coming soon.

Contact us:

Borchard House
99 Ben Yehuda, 2nd floor
Tel Aviv Israel

For Mail: P. O. Box 3330
Tel Aviv, 6103202 Israel

Tel +972 3 7942100

Fax +972 3 7942101

As always- we are here for you right now

BFP & Co. 2021

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